Gabriela's Family In Need Project

TOGETHER WE HELP ONE "FAMILY IN NEED" AT A TIME by donating gently used clothing, household items and furniture.

When the Pandemic hit us in March 2019, Gabriela's photography business went to ZERO. All photo shoots got canceled and instead of feeling sorry for herself and focusing on her loss, she asked friends if they knew Families In Need. Gabriela contacted the families, had them take pictures of their rooms to see their living conditions. Gabriela then posted in her Subdivision Facebook asking for gently used clothing, household items and furniture. Amazingly enough, the response from her neighbors was overwhelming.

Moving forward, to March 2021, Gabriela has hired a lawyer to process her 501c3 Nonprofit to better serve her Families In Need. Together with her 5000 Facebook friends they have helped over 90 Families In THE GREAT HOUSTON TEXAS.

visit Gabriela Elizondo Gonzales Facebook to see what this is all about.

COVID-19 Helping Restaurant Owners increase sales by offering FREE Videos for social media

COVID-19 Feeding the Elderly

Words from one of our elderly couples, after we all came together and my son and I purchased groceries for them and dropped off. "I am deeply touched and grateful to you Gabriela and your son along with all that gave from their warm and caring hearts. Specially in this time of need. God Surprises me every time of his wonders. He is our provider and He used his servants his angels. My husband and I are so very appreciative of these groceries. "My refrigerator is full now" thanks to you all. No words can describe our gratitude. We are in tears and "Wow" seeing all you did, not even knowing us, yet that did not stop you from giving. I sent each and one of you a big hug and a big Thank you!! I know God is pleased with each one of you!! GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY.

Photos By Gabriela helps Elderly with groceries during Covid-19

Photos By Gabriela and friends, come together to help elderly couples with groceries during Covid-19

I received a message from a Cancer Survivor asking for personal hygiene items, and like always my Facebook friends came through again. My son and I picked up items and dropped off to her the same day.

Harvey- Free BBQ Plates for residence in Denver Harbor

For the past six years I have helped "Families in Need" in my childhood neighborhood of Denver Harbor. After Harvey, a group of childhood friends got together and we all donated items for a FREE BBQ for the families and Volunteers in the three blocks effected the most in our childhood neighborhood. Here are a few pictures from one of the BBQ's we did