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GABRIELA is a seasoned photographer that has never met a stranger. She has an innate ability to build rapport and make clients feel comfortable, all while delivering a memorable experience and ultimately, professional images. Gabriela holds a career that has spanned over 23 years. She has been able to sustain a successful career attributed not only to her technical skills but by her professionalism and attitude as well. Her experience is comprehensive and has ranged from social & lifestyle photography to corporate & commercial assignments as well.

Whether she is capturing priceless moments for families or professional images for businesses, athletes, and CEOs, Gabriela’s clients have all benefited from her “can-do” approach and consistent delivery of expectations.

Gabriela is a member of The Professional Photographers of America. Where she uses her membership to attend conferences to constantly upgrading her skills. She attributes her success to her faith in God, giving back, and personal integrity. She believes in living life out loud, proud, and with a smile!

Rolando Guajardo Videographer/Friend

Gabriela is a TOP Photographer in Houston TX and holds accolades of being the former photographer for Lakewood Church, Super Lawyers, H Texas Magazine, countless real estate agencies, Weddings and Quinceneras Magazine as well as a personal photographer‼️ She is one busy and blessed woman! In addition to her business life she is a wife and a mom. Gabriela works very hard in her community to help those in need and is continually a blessing to others!

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Gabriela Speaks

Gabriela also loves to inspire, encourage and motivate others, especially single woman, by sharing that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and it's never to late to fulfill your DREAM. Gabriela enjoys speaking at teen conferences and ladies luncheons sharing her story.

Gabriela had a dream for 14 long years to one day be LAKEWOOD CHURCH PHOTOGRAPHER after attending Lakewood Church. She began to turn her life around by asking the Creator of The Universe to take charge of her life, after listening to Joel's father, John Osteen minister the LOVE OF CHRIST 27 years ago. Since the beginning, she had a desire, a passion, a dream to one day be one of the photographers there. After many years of dreaming, hoping, praying and confessing, she got the courage to do what she could do to make it happen. She made a call, set up and appointment and got hired on the spot and traveled as Joel Osteen's PHOTOGRAPHER and became LAKEWOOD CHURCH PHOTOGRAPHER. Even though her season as Lakewood Photographer has ended, she still gets excited about sharing her story of what God did for her. To her surprise, she was the first photographer at Lakewood Church, after hearing negative thoughts for so many years "That Lakewood probably had ten photographers" You can read her story in Joel's book, "It's Your Time", in the chapter titled, Living in Your Divine Destiny..

Gabriela believes that it doesn't matter where you were born, where you grew up, what type of home life you had growing up, if you have a DREAM, God put it in you so MAKE IT HAPPEN. She will ask you, "What are you doing to make your dream come to pass?" She says JUMP JUMP JUMP INTO YOUR DESTINY

During the pandemic Gabriela began to focus on the less fortunate and began helping families in need and is excited to announce she is now a 501c3 Nonprofit