Gabriela has been a professional photographer for over 25 years, and you can only imagine how many times she's heard moms tell her, “No, not me, just the children.” This has encouraged her to launch a new line.


As a mother of four, and the oldest being 32, she understands how you feel but, I she encourages you to invest in photographs for your children and grandchildren, for the people that you love, and for yourself. Gabriela says “What will you do when your children look for photographs of you and there’s none. It doesn’t matter where you’re at physically, when your tired, how your body looks, your children just think your PERFECT. After a lifetime of capturing memories for people, I know that there’s no money in the world that is worth the value of the memories that you’ve created that will last a lifetime, so don’t make the same mistake I made, and don't be afraid to be photographed"

I want to know how would you like to be photographed? What would you like to wear? Are you wanting a casual look or formal?

I get so excited about this new line so please call me, I can't wait to hear your ideas and add mine too, lol. You can wear whatever makes you feel BEAUTIFUL. Ideas are an Elegant Gown, Lingerie, A Nice Silk Robe, Your Husbands Button Down Work Shirt as woman the outfits are endless.

The day of your session, you will bring 3-4 outfits and my team and I will be waiting for you with much joy.

Contact me, Gabriela I would love to talk to you 832 235 4166

My booking fee starts $250 and includes a professional makeup artist, consultation, portrait session and portrait reveal. At your reveal, I'll show you all your beautiful portraits and you purchase just what you love. Everything purchased includes the digital file of that size. Payment plans available.

Click on Portfolio, click on Woman Portraiture to see a folio of my work